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Date Travel Guide to Lima, Peru

Park of Love in Lima, Peru. Have a more romantic and memorable date in the Park of Love in Lima, Peru.

Peru is a country that takes pride in its people and famous date destinations. In its capital Lima alone, you can already tell that this Latin American nation has everything it takes to make your date a cherishable one.

You wouldn’t just love the beautiful women from Peru, but also the place itself. But due to a number of places to choose from, you might get confused as to where you can find a perfect date venue. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Below is a date travel guide to 5 of the most romantic date destinations in Lima, Peru:

Parque del Amor de Miraflores (Park of Love)

This park is located in the district of Miraflores. One of the park’s highlights is a monument of a couple kissing. Couples would usually visit the park to watch the beautiful sunset. The picturesque landscape of the park which sits atop a cliff gives it a distinct romantic atmosphere. When you look over the edge of the cliff, you can see people surfing and hear the loud sound of the waves crashing. You can also rent bikes with your date right before the sunset and have a ride to San Isidro.

Have a romantic dinner by the bay in one of the most top rated restaurant in Peru. A top-rated restaurant by the bay in Peru.

Every 14th of February, the Park of Love holds an event. There is a competition for couples wherein they vie for the longest one to hold a kiss. Also, you can both enjoy reading quotable lines about love written by famous Peruvian authors spread within the park.

Rosa Naútica Restaurant

Along the Park of Love, you can find an amazing restaurant by the sea which caters mouthwatering Peruvian food. The said restaurant in Lima has been there for many years. As a matter of fact, countless of people have taken a photo of and with the beautiful restaurant. However, what really draws people to Rosa Naútica Restaurant is its menu at an affordable cost.

Bridge of Sighs in Peru. Have a romantic rendezvous in the Bridge of Sighs in Peru.

Puente de los Suspiros’ in Barranco (Bridge of Sighs)

The district of Barranco is also considered as the Bohemian of Lima. The first three places mentioned are just in the same area. Once you pass by the Miraflores, you can find this romantic place, too. This place is a must visit in Lima if you are looking for a more intimate and peaceful location. The lights at night just add more flare to the already romantic atmosphere of the place. You can either take a walk by the Bridge of Sighs where you can find several good restaurants and food stands or go to a nearby cliff.

Parque de Aguas

Parque de Aguas Peru. Bring your date to a romantic water fountain in Parque de Aguas Peru.

Parque de Aguas is a colossal park with thirteen (13) water fountains. Each fountain puts on a show which is different from the others. The best time to visit this place is at night. Expect that there would be many people visiting this place especially during this time. Regardless of this, you can still enjoy the colorful fountains dancing in the beat of music.

El Parque el Olivar de San Isidro (The Park of Olivar)

This is a perfect place for romantic walks. Considering its vast land area, you can enjoy long walks with your date under the shade of the trees that are mostly over 400 years old. These trees stood witness to the eventful Peru history.

Park Olivar in Peru. Take a romantic walk with your date in Park Olivar in Peru.

You should not miss to see the beauty of Park of Olivar. It is where you can find the so-called “olive tree of happiness” which was said to have been planted by San Martin de Porres, one of the Peruvian saints.

If your visit to Peru is geared towards finding Peruvian women who are seeking foreign men, then taking one on a date to any of these places will certainly help your chances of winning her heart. But regardless of where you take her out to, it is your sincere intention and genuine affection that will get you to truly impress the women of Peru. But taking them on a date to a romantic place wouldn’t hurt either.

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