Lima’s Culture, History, and Tourism

lima Discover the profound culture and history of Lima.

History says that Lima was once called “Itchyma”, named after the earliest settlers in the coastal part of Peru. A city where the Inca civilization were ones occupants and inhabitants. However, before the place was formally called Lima, names were given based on the oracles in the valley of Rimac (an area in the said city) and with the arrival of the Spanish conquest.

In the year 1535, the foundation of Lima took effect. The city was established by Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish leader who won the Inca Empire and killed its emperor, who happened to be Atahualpa. Prosperity was quite evident during the rule of Pizarro but at the end of the 18th century, an economic shutdown and extensive damage of the city’s industrial power transpired.

Long before Lima achieved its independence, turmoils were conspicuous as with of the trading industry, outbreaks of diseases, natural disaster like earthquake and food deficiency. Fortunately, in the year 1821, an expedition led by General Jose de San Martin opened the doors of independence for Lima, but that didn’t stop the war that made Lima exhausted with both of the strength and economic stability.

The battle for independence gave a great impact to the image of Lima. Its political and economic stance was tragic. Years have to be waited to fortify the greatly-damaged structures and alleviation of the suffering as an aftermath from the wars and hostility.

For the Peruvian culture, it’s their religion, cuisine, music, and historical monuments, made Peru more promising and auspicious. The dominating religion in Peru is catholic, an apparent contribution of the Spanish regime. The Peruvian dishes recognized to be with of the robust flavors are what should be the backbone of the tradition the city or the country has.

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It’s the spices which makes their food tasty, such as: the grilled pulpo, salsa criollo, etc. For the Peruvian music, a mixture of the traditional Andean and Spanish taste can be heard. To know more about the Peruvian culture, monuments of the old city are available. Museums and monuments are made to be the storage of collections of the wars, works of colonial Peru, artworks, etc.

Aside from the tragic yet archival background of Lima, as well as its famed culture, the tourism is one of the upholders which made Lima a city for escapades and stopovers. Here are some of the tourist attractions of the city:

  • Plaza Mayor, Lima - Also called the Plaza de Armas. One of the main attraction in Lima, it is also the center of the city. Historical facts were recorded all about the plaza, these include: Declaration of the Independence in Peru (this is where Jose de San Martin declared the liberty of the country); the construction of Cathedral of Lima; construction of “Archbishop’s Palace of Lima”; became the marketplace of old Lima.
  • Monastery of San Francisco, Lima - A well-maintained church in the heart of Lima. Its interior designs are well-established and very impressive. From the altar down to its convent, and the catacombs which are filled with bones, you’ll surely get amazed by the interface and ancient taste of the church.
  • Historic Centre of Lima - One of the significant touristic form of Peru. This is where a lot of spots can be visited and tour into. To name some: Museum of Italian Art, House of Aliaga, House of Oidor, House of Pilatos, Goyeneche House, Riva Aguero House, Basilica Cathedral, Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary and Convent of Santo Domingo, and Merced Church.

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Lima Explore Lima with the beautiful spots ever recorded.

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