Cusco’s History, Culture, and Tourism

Cusco Travel Discover the profound history and culture of Cusco, Peru.

Home to the historic site Inca Empire is a city in the Southeastern part of Peru, Cusco, also spelled as Cuzco. This is home to what is called as one of the oldest inhabitants of Peru, the Incas. History says that Cusco have been occupied for 3,000 years, even until this day, which could be the main reason why it’s tagged as one of the oldest city in the continent.

Before the Inca civilization came to Cusco, the Killke people were the first to settle the area. They built fortress and walled establishments in the vicinity of Cusco. Ruins were found evidently convincing the existence of such civilization. Records say that the Inca culture began in the 13th century. During the settlement of the Incas, the city was split into two main sectors: the Urin and Hanan. These were formed to comprise two of the four provinces, to name them: the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast.

The people built houses in the city, temples were formed and other structures were founded. The structural designs of the formation of the city was imperial due to the advancement of the techniques they used in their time. They have also bolstered the complex and other frameworks made by the Killke people. The fortress and the temples they’ve erected signified the religious side of the Inca Empire which was discovered by archaeologists in the year 2000s.

Cusco Travel Know the Spanish rule as part of the Cusco history.

In the year 1533, the Spanish regime began. The conquest was spearheaded by Francisco Pizarro, a conqueror from Spain. With the help of his armies and having killed the Inca ruler Atahualpa, he won the Inca Emperor and open the doors of the Spanish colonization to the city and the rest of the country, Peru. The superiority of the Spaniards inevitably damaged the structures built by the Incas in the area. As an aftermath, the evolution of catholicism and Spanish authority emerged.

The temples built by the Incas were replaced with Catholic churches and shrines. They built new cities and constructed buildings in accordance of the Spanish culture and tradition, effects that we can see in every Spanish colonization.

Revolutions were seen in the Spanish invasion, years of battle were recorded until in the year 1821, Cusco and the country Peru gained its independence. Today, the ancient ruins of Cusco presents the tragic yet symbolic history of Cusco. This is the very aspect which Cusco is proud of, making the city as one of the most-visited city in the Americas.

Visitors have long called Cusco as a living museum due to its historic atmosphere. A lot of archaeological and historical buildings can be seen in the city as remnants of the Inca culture. The ruins which you’ll definitely love seeing signifies the early inhabitants of the city, this culture can surely give you a very appealing and unique experience. With its population not reaching a million, a sure preservation of the city’s attractions is discernible.

To further educate you with the interesting facts of Cusco, let us go deeper with the tourism of the city. What are those touristic scenes you can visit in the vicinity of Cusco? Here are some:

Cusco Travel Plaza de Armas, one of the many reason for Cusco travel.

Plaza de Armas of Cusco Cusco - The plaza as the main witness of some of the most significant events of Cusco, especially in the old days. This is also the gathering place for many events like festivals and other nightly activities. Restaurants, and food stalls can be seen in the area which serves a variety of delicious and traditional Peruvian food. Meanwhile, the Cusco Cathedral and the Church La Compaña de Jesus are located in the Plaza.

Saksaywaman - A fortress or a small city founded in the Killke area. It was the citadel’s walls which makes the spot more attractive and very antique. The ruins in the area are the most explicit and venerable which truly markets the essence of the city’s historical background, also giving the visitors a taste of the old age.

Cusco Travel The historic Saksaywaman, one of the pride of Cusco travel.

Museums of Cusco - Here are some of the significant museums of the city: Museo de Arte Precolombino, Casa Concha Museum, Museo Inka, Museo de Histórico Regional de Cusco, and Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cuzco. These are just some of the museums you can sojourn for your Cusco travel.

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