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With the emergence of technological advancement in the digital world, communicating to both sides of the planet has become more convenient and easy. The internet has given personals an easy way in conversing with other beings in just a click away. In our time today, this is widely observed in many dating sites and matchmaking services. The process of matchmaking has evolved to a greater height and has been a productive instrument in finding someone to cherish forever with. With the increase of demand in relation to meeting a special companion, thousands of matchmaking sites have seen lurking in the virtual world.

In Peru’s singles industry, Craigslist and Peru Women are present. They made big impacts in any search for love and also left marks with all the successful endeavors of it. Although both of these share the same goals in offering quality matchmaking services, we cannot deny that the differences of these two will change the mentality of someone regarding the BEST site to use. Let’s delve more and learn why.

Craigslist personals


Craigslist is an American classified advertisement company catering sections such as sales, gigs, housing, jobs and services. One of the sections in Craigslist is the personals section which is where dating and meeting of men and women come in.

Millions of personals have engaged in Craigslist’s services. Some may have good experiences; however, negative reviews were also noted regarding its service.

Lack of Company Name

In Craigslist, there is no specific company name posted when it comes to online dating or matchmaking services. This is because the personals usually come from the individuals themselves; it is not posted through a host company. Because of this, scams are commonly experienced and the victims cannot sue Craigslist for that. Hence, it is very likely that no one will be held accountable if anything goes wrong. Security is not guaranteed and this can be problematic in so many ways.

Authenticity of the Personals and Profiles

Authenticity is one major problem when it comes to browsing through the profiles of personals in Craigslist. What comes with this is the verification problem which does not provide enough information about such person; anyone can just gather images of women or men and post them in their profiles. As a result, scamming has become rampant.

Usage of fake identity is common and is widely seen in Craigslist. It may be unfortunate to say but the truth of it is glaring. There is no way you can verify whether the person you are talking to is real or existent. Ever heard of “Catfishing”? Yes, you might lose thousands of dollars if you keep on bumping into this kind of socialization.

Security in Meetups

News were given out about Craigslist meetup; this case has gotten worse over the course of years. There is a high chance of kidnapping, or any crime once you decided to meet with someone you don’t even know or validated before. Read the authenticity above for the second time and you’ll know how your security in meetups could be at risk.

Craigslist personals

Peru Women

Peru Women is part of the world’s leading and respected foreign singles introduction and tour services. It was founded in the year 1995 and is considered to be among the first online matchmaking companies in the international stage.

The site advocates in matching gorgeous single women from Peru to men of western influence. Our goal is to help single, mature men find true love with the wise and beautiful Peruvians.

The site is handled by several hands-on staff who represent women in the personals. The company itself serves as a bridge for men and women to meet in a more efficient and effective manner.

Presence of Company Name

Peru Women is a specific company carrying its own name in its matchmaking services. The presence of a company name guarantees the authenticity of a service and security of the personals involved.

Moreover, important details about the company are provided for and are easily found in the site. Potential clients, therefore, will have their mind at ease when availing the offers of this matchmaking agency since they know well that the personals are handled by a legitimate company.

Simply put, there is a sense of accountability coming from the company itself.

Authenticity of the Personals and Profiles

Here in Peru Women, you can be assured that all the profiles of the Peruvian singles are personally verified by our local staff in Lima, Peru. The pictures shown in the site signify authenticity of the women, they are existent and are the same women you see in the images or in person. Catfishing is never an issue here.

Problems of authenticity and fake identity are not faced by our clients. Compared to other sites in the internet, you can be assured of our trustworthy service as well as the eligibility of women associated.

Security in Meetups

The company offers singles tour services for men who wish to meet Peruvian single women in person. Peru Women offers tour packages which already include accommodation arrangements and social events which serve as the place where men and women meet and get to know each other more.

Although it comes with a price, security is again guaranteed when it comes to the actual meetups. Moreover, everything is arranged accordingly by the staff so that the clients would have nothing to worry about. Clients will no longer think twice about meeting up considering that everything is securely-managed and assurance is present with regards to the women whom the clients will meet up with.

Peru Women is solely a matchmaking site focused on helping men meet women from Peru; thus, security is guaranteed. On the other hand, Craigslist is a site which does not only focus on the dating aspect and that is the reason why it is more relaxed, having its security measure a bit too risky for men searching for women and vice versa. After all, security should always come first. Why don’t you register for free?

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