Marriage Culture in Peru

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Marriage in Peru often comes with both a church and a civil wedding ceremony. Its government only necessitates civil marriage; however, as Peru is a home for devoted and religious people, church wedding ceremony is what truly matters. Thus, this explains why there are two wedding ceremonies in Peru basically. Peru women have a free will in choosing whom they desire to marry but they consider two significant variables: class and money. The marriage culture in Peru has no difference from many other countries in the world. What makes their wedding unique is that you won’t be able to see any sign of groomsmen or bridesmaids. Moreover, they have few unusual traditions in the reception. Below are some:

  • Bright and vibrant wedding clothing: Traditional weddings in Peru include wearing of brilliant colors during the ceremony with unique geometric designs. Basically, it is more likely a Peruvian traditional outfit. Brides wear bulky layers of colorful skirts underneath it. On the other hand, grooms wear ponchos and sandals to match the ancestral wedding garb. These should be worn by the couple with a uniquely-crafted skirt made for them during the ceremony. This kind of wedding ceremony seems uncommon these days since most Peruvian cities adopt a western style-- a white wedding dress kind of wedding. Yet, it still happen though.
  • Big celebrations: Peruvian weddings always have big aftermath celebrations with a band or an orchestra played all night. Take note, they used to celebrate their wedding all night long. The ancestors make long speeches for the couple too in order to remind them of their duties within their marriage life. Then, blessing the couples comes afterwards.
  • Peruvian cake pull (cintas de la torta): This interesting wedding ritual among Peruvian people is quite similar to westerners’ catching of the bouquet rite. This is the main focus of the ceremony itself. All the single women guests are required to gather around the cake with strings or ribbons to be pulled out. The strings are baked with the cake. One of it connects to a ring which will be the aim of the single women guests. The lucky lady who will get the ring will be the one to be married next. Afterwards, the cake will be cut and will be eaten in the reception.
  • Two days of celebration: The Peruvian wedding should take place in the groom’s hometown for two long days. The bride and groom are not allowed to drink any alcohol during day one. They are only permitted to drink juice. What’s more distinctive is that they are not allowed to communicate with each other or even to exchange smiles. On the second celebratory day, the couple is allowed to join the festive celebration with alcohol by this time. Also, they are more expected to express their feelings more for each other too.
  • Roasted guinea pigs as dish: Peruvians have popularized this kind of dish. These are served as whole with head and feet. For those who do not like its taste, rest assured that those would not be served for the entire two-day celebration.
  • Burying of small dolls: One part of the ceremony is burying small dolls which are versions of the bride and groom. Those dolls are wrapped with cocoa leaves and must be buried with a single seed. This is to bring good luck for the couple and for their love to continue growing like a seed which grows to become a strong tree.

Those are some of the wedding customs in Peru. If you want to experience its unique yet interesting marriage culture by incorporating those in your own wedding, get yourself a Peruvian bride now by attending our Peru singles tours. You will get to meet and greet incredible Peruvians personally.

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Women from Peru are brought up and uprooted from the traditional influence of their parents’ strong faith in the Creator. This factor alone suits for defining them as ideal partners in life. Faith itself is the root of all, for with it, everything else will follow and go on smoothly. Loyalty and devotion for family are making them more of a good catch. Keeping a family intact while nourishing it with warmth and lavish love is their specialty too. What more could you ask for?

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