Beautiful City of Lima Peru

Peru is a country in South America that is known for its ancient Incan City high in the Andes mountains. Home to 31.77 million Peruvians with a median age for Peruvian women of 27 years old.

The couple explored the city by walking and it did not disappoint. With the wide selection of restaurants and local markets, you'll never run out of options when hunger strikes. The city also features parks like the Parque de Amore, where you can enjoy the lush green gardens and be refreshed by the overlooking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Its capital city, Lima, also known as the largest city in the country. Its famous Callao seaport serves as the major fishing haven in South America, which is considered as one of the contributors in the developing economy of Peru.

Peru's economic growth is mostly dependent on exportation. It has been their armor since the 2000s. Its main exports include that of gold, copper, and zinc. Meanwhile, Peru's tourism is one of the main factors of its growing fame in the Americas. This is true for โ€œMachu Picchuโ€, where a historical background of the Peruvian ancestry can be seen. It is situated in the mountain ridge of Cusco Region. It's said to be built by the Incas, an empire in Peru some hundred years ago.

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